Twitch Casino Streamer Classybeef

Real Name:behind this nickname is a team of streamers – Joe, Espen, Nando, Jonte, Biggo, Georgi and Lamar
Streaming from:Malta
Specialization:video games – Halo, World of Warcraft and Call of Duty
Biggest Win:100,000 EUR
Classybeef Net Worth:over $ 1 million

Who is Classybeef?

Launched in 2019, Classybeef is a fairly young Twitch channel backed by a team of streamers – Joe, Espen, Nando, Jonte, Biggo, Georgi and Lamar – who prefer to play online slots and broadcast the gameplay to their followers. According to the information posted on their official website, they are not only streamers using a specialized platform, but also a marketing company that promotes certified games from licensed casino operators. Classybeef presents many affiliate sites of online casinos by placing their offers on its own website pages.

Here are some interesting things to know about Classybeef:

  • Throughout their more than two years of activity on Twitch, Classybeef has streamed well over 60 hours with over 6 million views of their videos.
  • Despite its youth, the Classybeef channel is ranked second in the dedicated casino section on Twitch.
  • With over 100,000 subscribers, Classybeef is the fastest-growing Twitch channel.
  • Any streamer on the Classybeef team starts the game with small bets, gradually increasing them as the game progresses.
  • Almost every member of the Classybeef team met at work. Their common interest in online gambling helped them achieve significant success in streaming on Twitch.
  • Many haters and skeptics believe that Classybeef is a streamer playing with fake money, but this information has not yet been confirmed or refuted.

According to the guys behind the Classybeef brand themselves, they strive to stand out from the crowd and leave their mark on the iGaming industry by ridding people of gambling prejudices.

Classybeef Favorite Slots

Classybeef is a Twitch gambling streamer specializing in modern video slots. You will often find them streaming slots like Money Train 2, Power of Thor Megaways, Dead or Alive 2 and other titles offering a highly volatile experience with gameplay that is thrilling and entertaining. Much less often, Classybeef plays live dealer table games like Live Roulette, but slots are what they really love.

Classybeef Streams: When and Where

While Classybeef highlight the best moments from their streams on YouTube, Twitch is their main platform. As their team has grown to 7 members lately, they stream daily from Sunday to Monday (10am to 2am), so you can easily connect to the Classybeef stream any day of the week and almost any time of the day.

 Classybeef in Social Media

It is impossible to stay popular these days without maintaining accounts on social platforms. In addition to Twitch, the Classybeef team is highly active on Youtube, Instagram and Twitter. Links to their accounts on social media are posted on their official website –

As for Instagram, a popular social media platform for showcasing moments from their daily lives, Classybeef strives to stay private. However, on the Classybeef Instagram account, you can occasionally see guys drinking beer. Nevertheless, the lion’s share of the content they publish is devoted to online gambling.

 Biggest ClassyBeef Wins

Watching Classybeef’s streams, you can see that guys often get big payouts at slots. They are not afraid to take risks and often try new games, so you won’t get bored watching their streams. In terms of their biggest wins, here are three of the most iconic ones – x3,302 at Punk Rocker, x4,172 at Vikings Unleashed Megaways and x5,000 at Fruit Party (biggest win so far).


Why is the Classybeef Twitch Channel So Popular?

Classybeef is a popular streaming project because the people behind it know how to create content that is truly entertaining.

Is Classybeef Fake?

There are suspicions that Classybeef is an artificial project created by several online casino operators to popularize their products and services. Skeptics think Classybeef is using fake money to place bets. However, there are no facts confirming this information yet.

How Do Classybeef Make Their Living?

By creating content for Twitch and YouTube, Classybeef receives money from their partner casinos. Presumably, they receive exclusive casino bonuses, as well as a fee for each new user of the online casino.