Twitch Streamer Roshtein

Streamer Roshtein
Real Name:Ishmael Swartz
Streaming from:Malta
Specialization:online casino slots (high stakes gambler)
Biggest Win:1,000,000 euros at Book of Shadows
Roshtein Net Worth:approximately $ 15.5 million

 Who is Roshtein?

If you are looking for the most popular Twitch or YouTube streamers, Roshtein should definitely be the first person you come across as it is one of the biggest names in gambling streaming. With 500K + subscribers on Twitch, Roshtein is one of the most interesting streamers whose videos are watched by viewers from various countries around the world. Entering the streaming gambling scene in 2015, he set himself the goal of showing how profitable high stakes gambling can be.

So, with long hair and his famous hat, he starts spinning with a 10 euro bet and gradually increases its size. He achieved popularity thanks to his first big win of 5,000 euros in 2015. With more than 17 million views and a large community of gambling like-minded people, today Roshtein continues to entertain the audience, while simultaneously replenishing his wallet with large winnings on slots. Watching his streams is like going on a journey where you will witness extraordinary combats, great choreography, brutal laughs and a lot of money that Roshtein wins with ease as it seems at first glance.

Rjshtein Streams: When and Where

Although Roshtein streams on multiple platforms, Twitch is your best bet if you don’t want to miss out on a single game action. Once you go to Twitch, you will find Roshtein on the list of the best streamers, and you can also see the schedule of the streaming yoke there. Although Roshtein does not stick to a clear schedule of his streams, you can most often see him live in the afternoon and in the evening after 20:00 GMT + 2 (since Roshtein is from Sweden). You can also check out his videos on YouTube, although he uses this platform to host videos of the best gaming moments.

Roshtein Giveaways and Raffles

Roshtein is famous for his frequent giveaways and prizes for his followers. To participate, you need to subscribe to his accounts on Twitch, Instagram, Facebook and some other social platforms. Here are some helpful links to follow Roshtein:

To keep abreast of all the latest events and not to miss the giveaways run by Roshtein, visit the page of his official website.

Roshtein Merch and Store

Realizing that merch is a great way to encourage people to follow him, Roshtein launched his own online store of unique products with the Roshtein brand logo and various images to match the style of this popular gambling streamer. Anyone who wishes to support Roshtein by purchasing T-shirts, mugs, hoodies and other products with the Roshtein logo, can do this by following the link.

Roshtein Net Worth


As known, YouTube and social media stars are slow to reveal their wealth, and the most popular personalities on Twitch are no exception. However, given the sheer number of subscribers and views, everyone wants to know how much one of the most popular streamers on Twitch is making. Since we cannot look at his accounting, we can only assume how much Roshtein earns. For example, YouTube pays just a few bucks for 1,000 views. Considering that Roshtein’s videos get just over 100,000 views, his profit is only a few hundred dollars, which is a trifle for video bloggers of his level. It is easy to assume that partnerships with online casinos are the main source of its income. Here are several possible options for making money on cooperation with online casinos:

  • A fee for the streamer choosing a particular casino game to stream the gameplay.
  • Online casino bonuses with favorable terms of use, while the streamer has the opportunity to take part of the big winnings received using bonus money or free spins.
  • Earnings for work as an affiliate.

Suppose online casinos pay Roshtein $ 120 for each player he brings to the casino. Considering his audience of 500,000 subscribers and the fact that at least 25% of players decide to deposit at an online casino, his fortune should be about $ 15.5 million.

FAQ About Roshtein

Is Roshtein legit?

Since Roshtein does not encourage his subscribers to gamble, nor does he run paid prize giveaways – which is in line with the current Twitch rules – he is a completely legal gambling streamer on Twitch.

Is Roshtein fake money streamer?

Although it is rumored that Roshtein is using fake money when placing bets, which sounds plausible given that he can spend € 10-50 on a spin, there is in fact no direct evidence that he is cheating. By joining his streams, you will make sure that he is good at what he does.

How do subscribers characterize Roshtein?

While Roshtein has many nicknames for his profligacy – when it comes to betting on slots – and unusual sense of humor, he is most often referred to as a philosopher with an incredible gaming skills.